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Hi everyone. Just joined and hoping to find support in the PV world!

I know it doesn't seem very charitable, but am so relieved to discover others who are suffering with similar 'mysterious' symptoms, such as aching hips and joint pain alongside the f....a...t...i...g...u...e which gets me down sometimes! Does anyone have what appears to be muscular pain, particularly in the back of the thighs? My right one is driving me bonkers and I end up limping some days.

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I was diagnosed a couple of months ago with PV and after reading other people's messages there are lots of symptoms.

We all vary with our treatment and what we feel.

I get out of bed and my feet cease up and it takes a while to get them going, even if I manipulate them first. I also get hot spots and achille pain, knee pain, fatigue, dizzyness, headaches, ringing in my ears, hot flushes or feeling freezing cold.

I'm sure you will venture on to reading some of the messages on here and the MPD voice & MPN sites, it's all very helpful.

Good luck, we're all here to help each other.


Welcome PollyPV. . lizl has summed it up nicely. The forum is a great place to exchange info, views and just offer support to one another generally. Though it can be a tad difficult to keep track of the responses to the various questions. And sometimes the same questions crop up from newbies that might have been explored some time back, but nobody minds that coz things move on and something new often comes out of the responses.

Cheers for now - its just all happening in Call The Midwife


I too get pains in my joints but a approach 70 I am never sure whether its just anno domni or my ET . Fatigue i find come and goes

all the best Town crier


Hi PollyPv

I have a problem with my legs as well and at night I get 'jumpy legs', and quite a lot of pain (like flu pains) in all of my bones/joints. Fatigue is an every day problem and can hit quite hard if I do too much in the day. I have been diagnosed with PV for over a year and am beginning to come to terms with the limitations and managing the pain and discomfort with Tramadol and paracetamol. I was anti Tramadol at the start due to risk of addiction but have had to forget this and use, doctor quite happy with me taking 2-4 tabs daily mainly in evening and at night.

this sight is great as it makes you realise you are not alone


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Hi PollyPV, I was just diagnosed with PV last year so I am still a relative newbie. I get pains in my joints and muscular ones down the backs of my legs. I have got bursitis in hips and osteoarthritis in some locations so I am never sure which pains are which! I also get fatigue, night sweats (which is a newer symptom for me, itchy skin, jumpy legs, ringing in my ears, hot spots on hands and feet, light headedness, chills. Everyone is different but as the others have said this is the best place to come to. The support is great. Take care.

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