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I have had flu, chest infection, ear infection and severe mouth ulcers I have PV blood counts good last test. Does PV compromise immune syst

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Think your question is difficult to answer definitively but I too had numerous infections and unexplained aches & pains prior to my diagnosis of ET.

Hi, I think it may depend on what meds you are taking, i know when i was on the interferon injections my consultant said my immune system would be compromised and recommended the flu jab every winter for example....

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quonut, The meds definately compromise our immune systems but I believe our conditions may contribute too. Before I was diagnosed I had amongst other things extreme fatigue, migraines, tinitus, Pneumonia, Hip and joint pain.

There is no doubt that HU hydroxy urea or HC as its now called reduces resistance to infections . I have had Flu jabs for the last 15 years or so and generally keep reasonably well.

Catkinspolymer ET for 20years

Since diagnosis/starting HU, the pains in my hips and pelvis have disappeared. Also, the chest infections (at least twice a year with lingering cold/cough for 6 weeks+ and 'tight chest') have gone. However, was told that my meds would affect my imune system - to counteract that I try to eat and live healthily and have not had any infection/cold for about 16 months now. Fingers crossed......