Good news!!

Good news!!

After being diagnosed with E.T. eleven months ago & going through some stuff, I am now over the appears there is life after diagnosis & I have started a new less stressful job with less hours. More to the point, I am so happy that I am going to return to my much loved Street Pastoring this month YAY! Trusting my feet will be good for me ;-)

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  • Fantastic SP. May your good luck continue! :-)

  • Thanks, and may you have many things to be thankful for!

  • Brilliant. I was disgnosed with PRV afer having a stroke in March 2012 I am just beginning to get my life back together again.

  • Great news!

  • Great news, good for you :-)

  • So good to hear some nice positive news. Enjoy every minute of it x

  • Yay! Look how you've bounced right into the happy room. God Bless You and your work.

    You're outstanding~

  • Thank you so much everyone xxxx

    Yes I have decided that I will step into the happy room Jocro, no matter what each day chucks at me, best way to live ay. I now think of something to be thankful for every ten minutes! It's hard to be down when your being thankful for the blue sky, the fact that your breathing, for your family, the roof over your head, a butterfly going past. Give it a go gang!! :-)

  • What a beautiful way to live. I'm going to practice this. I'll bet I'll never run out of things to be thankful for. You're one of them.

  • Ditto :-) Xx My family just keeps getting bigger!

  • That's the way to go, just being grateful for everything even for little things. I was also been diagnosed 11 months ago for ET and yes I had to work on myself to go through all but now I am feeling well. It is about making choice of feeling and being well. God is my guide and I know He loves me and He will get me through all.

  • So wonderful to have "Love & Hope" in our lives...................

  • Love and hope, God loves us all.....

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