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New MPN Voice website


We have a new website which we will be launching on the afternoon of Friday 4th December.

The new website has been necessitated due to the existing site being run on a platform that will no longer be supported as of February 2021.

We do hope that you find this new site to have a fresher look, be more user friendly and easier to navigate to find the information that you are looking for.

The migration of our website has been carried out in an extremely cost effective way by a friend of the charity at a fraction of the cost that it should have been. Meeting the cost that has been incurred has been made possible because of the very kind and generous donations we receive from our supporters of the charity that include friends, patients and companies. We would of course like to thank everyone for your support and generosity.

The website address will stay the same

We are very excited about our new look website and welcome your feedback/comments once it goes live next week, please send them to

Best wishes from MPN Voice

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Thanks Maz... ;-)


Ohhhhhh can't wait. New look, new year, new hope xxxx

Thank you for all you do in supporting us. MPN Voice has helped me through every step on my diagnosis and ongoing treatment, it’s so reassuring to have the website for information and support. You all do a fantastic job, thank you

Thank you so much for all you do Maz. Exciting news.


Booagain in reply to Mufftreacs

Thanks so much and for all you doxx

Thanks for your continued support and sounds really great!

Thanks look forward to see the new site

elliebongo in reply to Dovme

Hi Dovme, don't as a rule as questions direct to one person but we both had diagnosis similar time. I have always been interested in your site picture - is that you actually in the boat. Just an intriguing view

Dovme in reply to elliebongo

No it’s not me! it’s a great picture though paddling through life!

I will add a picture of my ugly mug to my profile as l feel more established now and we have a new MPNvoice layout website. Its good to put faces to names

elliebongo in reply to Dovme

Thanks for that "paddling through life" I like that !Not ready to put my face up there yet!

But somewhat disappointed - thought you were an intrepid explorer of the world 😀

Thanks for reply


Dovme in reply to elliebongo

Lol not so much paddling up the Amazon more hotels and sun loungers

Thank you Maz. I don't know how I would have coped without this site. Support, guidance, advice and always there even in the middle of the night.I hope I can start giving something back soon.

Thanks for all your work - looking forward to the new site.

Thankyou Maz this site is so valuable to us

Thank you so much Maz for all you all of you do.

Thank you, Maz, for all you do.

Thank you Maz for all you do for us. Look forward to the new MPN Voice site. xx

Thank you Maz for all you do for us all, fantastic!!!!

Thank you

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