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I had flucloxacillin for a infection from a cut. During the course all low back and hip pain disappeared? Anyone had similar experiance?

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Back/hip pain and antibiotics

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This is worth a read you will need am MRI to confirm if it is a bacterial infection or not.


all the best

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Interesting indeed

Thank you, that is very interesting and, may be proof I’m not going mad?. Had MRI two yrs ago, technician missed the area required.........sounds hard to persuade a GP to request again especially in current circumstances.

If you are in unresolved pain for two years and the tech missed the area required then it should NOT be hard to get a repeat MRI. It should be mandatory. Assertive patients receive higher quality care. Passive patients do not. Having said that, if the flucloxacillin clears up the issue permanently - it does speak to what the problem was all along. it also says something about quality of care if you had an misdiagnosed infection for that long that was causing you a problem. Hope you get it all sorted out ASAP. No one deserves to live with pain that is actually treatable.

Thanks hunter5582, I’ve got a gp appointment on Monday just to talk about the issue. Hustling for medical attention does seem to be the way of things certainly for chronic conditions and, I’m sure many people on here have had that experience.

I’ll post if there is an update.