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Advice please,I have ET,I take interferon alpha injections 2 times a week,tonight I took out fridge and it didn't feel cold enough,put thermostat inside checked was 10 should be under 5,so my fridge has been faulty,don't know how long could be weeks, phoned out of hrs they said shouldn't harm me but interferon might not be as affective,worried now getting bloods done tomorrow and phone hospital pharmacy in morning then go from there,been feeling nausea for a few weeks wondering if this could be the cause

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Pharmacist is the best person to talk to with your concerns. Most information says store from 2 to 8 degrees Celsius so hopefully 10 may not have affected it too much. As you've said, it won't harm you but can be less effective and it can be left out of the fridge for quite some time (a week or so I think, but can't remember where I read that). Hopefully your blood test comes back with good results and no need to worry. 😊

Jbut in reply to fee13

Thank-you for reply,phoned out of hours called in to get bloods done in A and E last night,raised slightly than usual, just got to sort pharmacy today check if am still OK to take interferon,and probably check bloods again next week x

Hi jbut, I took interferon that was out of date for six weeks, that was 2 years ago. No lasting effects thank goodness. I wish you well. Mel x

Hi Jbut,

A similar thing happened to me. I had to buy a new fridge.

The MPN Voice website has comprehensive information the link is as follows:-

It didn't really affect me too badly just slightly higher blood counts until I received the new fridge.

One thing I do is place my meat thermometer on the fridge door with the probe under the interferon, which is safe in a heavy weight plastic bag. This way I can see any problems straight way and address them.

I hope everything goes well for you and don't worry too much you should be fine.

All the best,


Jbut in reply to Jawas

Thank you jawas I was feeling nausea for a few weeks before I noticed temperature of fridge was faulty ,had bloods done up on what they used to be,but am sorted now with my medication,i was lucky my fridge freezer was insured x

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