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Help to boost immune system?

Hi, I started on interferon alpha came off because of side effects and now on peg interferon once a week which has eased my side effects and has reduced my platelets from 1400 down to 460 so happy days! But since being on interferon I have found myself being ill alot I've had viruses, tonsillitis, colds, sore throat I just feel like I have been more ill in the last few months then I have ever been! Is there anything I can take that could boost my immune system? I eat healthy and try and exercise as much as I can when I feel ok too but nothing seems to be working and it's getting me very down now :-( any tips are very welcome. Thanks in advance x

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Sorry to hear how you're feeling. ... I've been reading a lot about fresh royal jelly and its benefits for the immune system. I'm going to start on it & see what difference it makes. Google it - there's loads of really good things said about it.



Thank you liz I will Google it now :-)


Yes ,The fresh Royal Jelly does help immune system.Here ,in France,we start it as the days change to autumn.It's not a quick fix,but after a while you will find you don't go down with every bug floating around.We stop it in the summer ,but you can take it all year.Husband and I both take it.I am P V,it has helped me,advised to use it by my nurse,who does my 'Pris de sang 'each month, keeps us both free from colds etc.


Lots of things can boost the immune system, vitamin c and zinc work well together. Organic black elderberry tincture. I also take a great antioxidant and immunity drink that I honestly believe is the best thing I have ever found. We as cancer patients need antioxidants, which is why I also add a greens balance powder into my protein shakes or on food or in water (I prefer mixed with protein though).. There are so many things out there, and it is finding what works for you. But honestly I was always ill and catching things and now I just wish I could give out the antioxidant drinks to everyone I know for free!!

Just make sure whatever you take you take good quality, you get what you pay for avoid cheap brands especially ones like holland and barratt.

Oh and I see a nutritionist who uses a SCIO machine to test what I am deficient in.. she is my life saver too!!


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Hiya thank you for your reply I am very interested in the antioxidant immunity drink you have and which other supplements you use as there are so many out there your recommendation would be great. Thanks kym xx

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