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Hi everyone , I recently moved and found a very nice dentist who is very helpful but she has told me she won't extract teeth because of my ET and would refer me to hospital if needed . I was wondering if this is normal practice as its not ideal for me because of transport issues . Also what would happen if the dreaded toothache appeared and it was an emergency ? In reality I don't think waiting for a hospital appointment would be feesible . I'm on hydroxy and aspirin and meds for high blood pressure . Thanks

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Hi Pippa, I have PV and I was told the same by my dentist because of the higher risk of bleeding. I know, the thought of waiting for a hospital appointment......! Kind regards Aime xx😸😸

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Thanks for your reply Aime . Kind regards . Pippa

I had one dentist say that to me so I changed dentists!! I have a well experienced dentist now who initially took my full medical history and researched it and my treatment (like you ET on HU and aspirin) and happily has treated me now for some years, including a complicated tooth extraction with no probs at all. I think it depends on the experience and confidence of the dentist so may be good time to try elsewhere! And check with your consultant and if they say for your particular individual case no reason for hospital for dental work you will have the OK to just find a good dentist! All the best.

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Thankyou for your advice. I will ask my heamotologist at my next appointment .

Hi Pippa, I have ET , take Hydroxy and blood pressure meds and my dentist just asked for a blood test before removing a tooth recently.

Kind regards Bella

That seems an ideal solution , Thankyou

I have ET and had a tooth removed this year by a NHS dentist without any complications. No special precautions as far as I know. The dentist seemed to know about ET without me having to explain and I continued with aspirin and hydroxy as usual

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Thankyou, it seems some dentists will and some won't .

It may be that you simply need to hold off the aspirin before treatment. Your haem can advise.

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Thankyou , I will ask at my next appointment

I have PV, on HU and clopidogrel. I had a tooth removed earlier this year. My dentist was confident that there wouldn’t be a problem. I asked my heamotologist if I needed to stop clopidogrel before the extraction and he said, no need. It all went fine.

I also had a squamous cell carcinoma cut off the back of my hand 4 weeks ago without stopping the clopidogrel.

As helatlast says, maybe you need to change dentist.

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Thankyou for your reply

Hi Pippa, I’ve recently had implants removed in addition to other gum work. My specialist gave me some tablets to take in case of excessive bleeding. She also supplied a letter stating there is no reason why such dental work could not be carried out.

Thankyou , I will ask about a letter which seems a good idea

I have just had two extractions ( at the same time) by my dentist who was fully aware of my condition. I had no problems with bleeding. Am on Hydroxy. Aspirin and Allopurinol for PV and watch an wait for Cll. I think that the other comments re changing dentist may be the answer.

Some people with ET also have Von Willebrands Disease which might be a problem. I would just ask your hematologist.

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