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Heart palpitations

Hi everyone, I am getting more and more heart palpitations and pressure sensation in my face/ head. Have been ill with one of these nasty viruses all of February and still not right. So I went to my doctor yesterday and he picked up some extra beats and is going to request a 24hr trace. I am popping back today for a general blood test to see if the numbers are alright.

Dose anyone else get anything like this and more importantly know the cause.

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Hi birdie , i have alway had that and ectoic beats the latter have been worse since Christmas ! mine is mostly anxiety related but after having lots test 4 year ago i went to see cardiologist who did and echocardiogram which shows i have mild mitral valve regurge which can be a symtom of ectopic beats / flutters etc i have the echo yearly and Ecgs in between if im concerned its very common to get palps etc and i also take a beta blocker which helps , dont worry to much it can be helped birdie all the best Holly xx


Thanks holly that's reassuring xx



My palpitations started when I was diagnosed. My cause was when my blood was becoming thicker. I was a dancer and danced 4 times a week, three hours a night. After diagnosis, I could hardly climb a flight of stairs! My cardiologist put me on Invabradimine (spelling) which slows your heart rate down. I take two tablets daily. They have helped a little but what I find annoying is that I constantly hear my heartbeat in my left ear, but at least I know I'm still breathing!


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Hi Angela and thank you for replying , what you have said is very interesting because you would have been very fit,whereas I am in my late 50s and unfit and that's what I put my breathlessness down to, but nothing improved even with more exercise until what I call my fake heart attack. Extensive tests showed my arteries are not blocked and the only thing that showed were the elevated platelets. So maybe the numbers have risen again. I also can hear my heartbeat in my left ear when I lay down sometimes, I have had this since a child, and I believe it is some sort of tinnitus caused through the neck. Maybe a visit to a chiropractor might be worthwhile to check your all inline. Regards Carole ☺


I was having a lot of heart palpitations when taking hydroxy and since changing to interferon 3 months ago I haven't had any.

I used to hear my pulse in my right ear, it would go to the extreme of sounding like a squelching duck quack, funny but annoying. I still haven't quite figured out what caused it as it disappeared when my platelets came down to the 450 mark plus I was seeing a chiropractor. 🙂


Hi there, thank you for your reply. Again, interesting. I think my platelets are on the rise again. Interferon runs the risk of depression dosnt it. As I already suffer with depression the haemotoligist would be reluctant to put me on it. Glad it works for you, keep well.🤗


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