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Hi everyone,

Love this website, lots of helpful information and encouragement. Please keep being positive. Diagnosed a few months ago with ET but Blood counts (rbc, hct, and hgb continue to rise, almost above normal levels at this point). Having a BMB tomorrow for the first time. Does anyone know if the BMB can determine whether I have ET or PV. I am Jak2+.

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Hi and hope you’re coping with the new diagnosis - it’s a weird time for sure. Someone else with more experience will no doubt be along with a better explanation but from what I know in my short time learning about MPNs - a BMB should be able to tell you if it’s ET or PV or even a combo of the two. However there are grey areas where clinicians don’t always agree and some people aren’t quite as easy to classify as others (I’m one of those that doesn’t fit into a nice easy box). Good luck with the BMB results - waiting is always such a difficult period x

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Thank you


Yes it can! But as Tim says it’s not always clear cut. It should at least give your doctors a clearer steer on treatment etc. And more importantly it provides a base line against which to measure disease progression. All the best.


Thanks and good luck to all on this website.


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