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Have been on 30grms of Ruxolitinib now for nearly 6mths and thankfully I have never felt so well. No itching which was severe and bloods are great. Brilliant consultant who has really looked after me and worked hard to get the drug for me. Diagnosed with Jax-2- positive MPN consistent with PV diagnosed from trephine morphology. normal haematocrit etc.

I would like to travel to USA with family this summer does anyone forsee any problems. Have made sure all my insurance up to date

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Hi waddles, I'm also a fan of the Ruxolitinib, have been on it 2 years now and it's certainly worked for me. My consultant is very supportive of travel and living as normal a life as possible. He said if I wanted to go long-haul he could give me a hand to travel as comfortably as possible, so could be worth discussing will your haem when you see them next. I'm post PV MF jak2+.

Take care and carry on feeling good!


I travelled to the US on several occasions with PV but not whilst taking rux. If bloods are OK shouldn't have any issues. Be aware though that just having a cancer makes DVT's more likely so keep hydrated and get up and move whilst flying but you won't be allowed to for the last hour of the flight

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Hey Waddles... :)

You should be fine. I had no such problems from flying although I was a tad ill throughout my three+ week adventure... :)



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Hi Waddles, I have been JAK2+ PV for four years, and go to the Caribbean or Mexico every year with no problems, just make sure you have good insurance and keep on the move during the flights. I think I am less at risk now than I was before DX, but I survived that in blissful ignorance.

Just enjoy the Trip!


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