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I started Peg Interferon

And no discernible side effects. I gave myself a 90 mcg injection on Friday night before bed. Slept well, woke up fine yesterday. Ate normally, did errands. Slept well Saturday night and seem fine today.

The only possible side effect is mouth sores...I have 5 of them this morning. Can they happen this fast?

Regardless, I'm just delighted I don't ache and I don't have nausea. 😊

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Good Luck Mary. 👍




Great news. Glad it’s started well for you. I got mouth ulcers for my first few months on Peg but not now. I found clorhexidine (sp?!) mouthwash helped. Hopefully it will just be a short term side effect for you too. Andy

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Spoke too soon....severe joint pain. Is this normal??


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