Nose bleed

Just got home after two days in hospital with nose bleed. My kitchen looks like a crime scene had to have it cauterized in the end. Side effects of hydroxicarboMide says on case of nose bleeds contact hospital immediately. Waited 10 hrs in A&E. Doctor didn't think it was drug because my plaletes are high. Not taking any more until I see specialist in two days.

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  • I developed nose bleeds a short while after taking aspirin. Like you, I also had to have my nasal passage cauterised. It was a success.

    I was told the reason for the continuous nose bleeds I endured was a combination of taking aspirin and a weak area of cappiliaries in my nasal passage. I am also on hydroxycarbamide.

    Mary x

  • I take lots of painkillers for sciatca including ibufren. Pain is horrendous

  • Hi, I was told by hospital pharmacy when collecting my hydroxy that I must not take ibuprofen or any other anti-inflammatory meds. I have horrendous shoulder pain just now and would love to take a few anti-inflammatory tabs over next few days to help. Just wondering if you had the ok from your doc to take them. Lainy xx

  • I’m not sure, Lainy, but are there some foods that are natural anti-inflammatories? Perhaps somebody here knows.

    Gill x

  • You poor thing - I know exactly how that feels. 5 years ago I had horrendous sciatica after a disc prolapse. I finally went to my naturopath 3 months later as I couldn’t bear it any more. After being ticked off for not going sooner she cracked my back into alignment (pelvis had shifted also). It wasn’t an instant cure but she has worked wonders. Had you thought of chiropractic treatment? Helen, my lady, is a gem and came highly recommended - she also does my horse! If you do consider this choose wisely and search out someone who comes recommended. Interestingly enough, Helen has heard of MPNs and is going to read up on them before my next session (fell of the horse 6 weeks ago and shifted my sacrum this time!) so she can support me with that too.

    I really feel for you, poorlittlepepper - you sound like you are going through the mill at the moment. I hope you are at the end of your nosebleed now and you can get some answers from your doc.

    Sending you a gentle e-hug and hope you see the light at the end of the tunnel soon.

    Gill x

  • Acupuncture may help. A tens machine may also be useful.

  • Still got a bit of blood and waiting for nose specialist. Hoping it's the tail end to haemmorgh Sp? So tired have had fluid replacement today. Scared to go home incase it starts again hungry too.but too weak to eat

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