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indigestion, back ache and sleepless nights

Hi All,

Every few weeks I have a bad episode with indigestion. This leads to upper back ache and ultimately a sleepless night. I'm on Lansoprazole and even take heartburn remedies but they don't seem to make any difference. At the hospital they think it's IBS but even so, it drives me nuts when I can't sleep as it's so uncomfortable.

Has anyone got any suggestions to relieve the problems?



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I do 2 things: keep a glass of water by my bed and sip from it at regular intervals when indigestion keeps me awake; and I have a pile of pillows so that I'm virtually sitting upright. As I get tired I kind of slip down and go to sleep. Sallie

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If you get the indigestion at night, try raising the head of your bed up (better than trying to prop yourself up on pillows). Sounds silly but just propping it up by the height of a house brick will help. Also try omeprazole, much better results for me.

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