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Meniere's Disease !

I was diagnosed with ET Jak2 positive at end of march this year prior to this i had a couple of bouts of vertigo i have been taking Hydroxycarbamide 500mg capsules and they seem to have my platlettes back to almost normal i have not been aware of any side effects except the odd day i still feel a little dizzy that was until this week,on Monday i was meeting friends for lunch and felt a bit lightheaded thought nothing off it until sitting waiting for lunch to be served the dizzyness got so bad it was like being on a carousel the whole room was spinning my friend phoned for an ambulance after the usual emergency procedure a paramedic who happened to be in the area and heard the call on his radio popped in to see what help he could give he examined me i.e took blood/blood pressure/heart moniter/medical particulars ect. owing to my medical history he called an ambulance as i was unable to stand arrived at hospital and after the usual procedure and wait a doctor seen me and diagnosed Meniere's Disease so i now have to take Prochlorperazine Buccal Tablets never experienced anything so scary in my life had i been out on the high street on my own i dread to think what could have happened what i would give to have my life back again........

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Hi Violetta

Yes, I get these attacks and also have Proch to take. I have MF for three years now and think it's all part of the condition - just one more thing. My doctor advised me to always have the little white pills with me at all times just in case the warning signs begin when I am out. He called it Labyrinthitis or Vertigo. (Not sure about the spelling) My sympathies are with you but maybe it helps to know you are not alone. By the way, I don't take the pills all the time.

All the best.



Thank you for your reply Linda nice to talk with someone who understands it was such a bad attack and so scary thank goodness i was with friends Best Wishes......Violet x


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