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MPD life and Professor Harrison

Hi Maz. Have noticed that I haven't had a copy of MPD newsletter this year. Has my subscription run out? I also watched a video of a forum in 2014 when Prof. Harrison talked about the latest research but can not now locate it. Am a bit wobbly right now because I had another blood test last week - pain under my rib abdominal area. Also had a chest X-Ray and am scheduled for a scan - not sure for what.. Am seeing Dr Anderson on Monday 22 for routine check. Don't hold much hope there! What I found interesting is that Prof.Harrison mentioned possibly using one or two other drugs but found it all confusing. Ended therapy on Thursday. She only wanted to discuss the needy,abandoned child and wasn't interested in supporting me with the physical aspects. Would it be worth asking to see Prof.Harrison? Am really stressed now. MAry

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Hi Mary, I think you need to resubmit your post using a different caption which specifically asks for what you want, and end it with a question mark or say you need advice, etc. Right now it's not real clear what you want unless someone reads all the way through. I thought it was Professor Harrison writing-silly me. Good luck. Katie


Hi Katie. Thanks for that. THought I was writing to Maz on MPN Voice. Still not sure what I'm doing on this machine or which site I need.. What a dummy. Wish someone could guide me. Mary


Hi Mary,

This is mpn voice, the site that Maz regulates. I'm sure she will pick up on your post when she is in the office.



Hi Mary

You are still on the list to receive newsletters, we haven't produced one since May 2016, due to various circumstances, and I apologize to you and everyone else. You can read and download all previous editions from our website, this link will take you to the relevant page

With regards to writing to me, yes when you post on here I will read it, I read all the posts and replies, but you must be aware that everyone else can read it as well, so please be very careful about putting any sensitive or personal information in any post or reply, don't put your phone number or anything like that, if you want to share it with another member you should do this via the message option, if you look at the task bar above your post you should see your name with a drop down arrow by the side of it, click on the arrow and you will see 'messages' click on there and you can then send a private message.

This is the link to the video of the forum

You can ask to be referred to see Prof Harrison, as long as you are prepared to travel to London to see her.

Best wishes, Maz


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