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hi all again, can anyone give me some advice on work please, I was diagnosed in oct 16 with ET JAK2 positive following a stroke, I had been ill for quite sometime beforehand, I had to take voluntary redundancy at the end of October or move to another location which meant travelling by train and underground which I was in no fit state to do so, my platelets are still above normal but gradually reducing so still on the sick, I don't know when it is safe to try and find another job, I have been put on supported allowance by ESA and will not have a review until the end off December, any advice would be good-ty in advance

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Hi tina6,

it is great that you're in the 'support group' of ESA. This at least gives gives you some time to evaluate your future working career. It is really important that you fully recover from your stroke and I really wouldn't rush into anything at this stage. Indeed, take this opportunity for evaluation and maybe consider a change in career if you think it's necessary, or part time hours?

Mary x


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