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Returning to work?

I had 2 TIAs in June 2011 brought on by PV im on 7 tablets a day including hydrox and blood pressure tablets. I have been to see occupational health through work last November who said i was fit to work. I had an unsuccessful claim with UNUM my companies insurers who said i was fit to work based on the occupational health. I was looking for a desk job with my company but there are none, so after several meetings they have offered me my old back doing site surveys for water companies which will involve a lot of travel. I have accepted there offer as i need the money but am a bit concerned about how I will feel. I go back in OCT with a couple of weeks trial then back to work. Has anybody else returned to work with a similar condition and how do they feel?

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I was off work for 9 months after being diagnosed with PV and ET (treated with hydroxycarbamide and low dose aspirin) and I also have MS. This combination of conditions means that I have a lot of problems with fatigue and low energy levels.

I returned to work in March 2011 and my employer has set me up to work from home. My job used to involve a lot of travel, mainly from Cornwall (where I live) to London. I am no longer expected to travel to the same extent (now maybe 6 trips a year - each for 3 or 4 days) and find that that, combined with not having to commute to work on a day-to-day basis, means that I am able to cope with working full time.

Having said that, I live very quietly and would probably not cope with my job if I didn't. I rarely go out in the evening (maybe 3 or 4 times in a year) and I need a lot of sleep (7 or 8 hours a night and often a sleep in the afternoon as well).

I don't know if this has been of any help to you at all, but I think what I am trying to say is that I do cope with working full time but only just and that is with a great deal of understanding from my employer.



Ive not had that tiredness very often sometimes i get a bit tired in the afternoon and

have a nap , thanks Jo.


Hi There,

I have had ET since I was 13 i'm now 23. Since I was 18 I have worked a minimum of 50hours a week and go out most evenings after work and have very active weekends going hiking, rock-climbing and horseriding. I do get tired but I think it is very important to still do as much as possible and not let it effect the way you live. If you do exercise and eat healthily this will keep your energy levels higher and therefore hopefully you will feel less fatigued.


Hello Pedders Hope this reply isnt too lateish. I also have PV and had 2 TIAs earlier this year. I wish to return to my position as bus driver but the Medical and Management system seems to be fearful to make a decision. There are reasonable general guidelines for being fit to return to work after a TIA, but PV induced TIAs confound people. AND there is only so much clerical work one can do for a bus company. I will be finally seeing an Occupational Physician in a week who is suggesting that he would be willing to make some recommendation My fear is that my driving day are over and that is sad. I enjoy my driving and I feel I have done all I can to minimise the risk of another TIA.> If you have resumed field work how is it and how are you coping? Regards Hackett. .



I have nt gone back to work yet as I am having a cataract operation done next week. So we have put the phased return to work back untill after christmas. My problem is I will have to work away for much of the time, for instance they sent me to Edinburgh for a months work and I was up there for six years. So i dont want to be in that position again so I am considering whether to go back. I was told after the TIAs I could drive again if my peripheral vision was ok. I had an eye test for this and passed it and was told I could drive again by the DVLA. It might be different for yourself as you are professional driver. Im not sure how it works from your angle.

Cheers Pedders


Hello again Pedders Up until 1996 I had a job that took me away from home for long periods.

I have since resolved to never work away regularly from home again. I don't want that stress again. AND I sometimes ponder whether the unremitting stress of that job was the trigger for my PV (I Acknowledge that there is no scientific evident for such a link (as yet)) I suspect I am after a renewal of my licence in part out of stubbornness. If I do get it back I may quit or simply go part time. I wish you well with the cataract operation. It never ceases to amaze me how these other disorders we routinely and increasingly suffer are made so complex by the MPDs Regards Hackett


I know Hackett

I had never been in hospital in my life(except for visits) until I was 57 when I had the two TIAs due to PV last year. Never thought about my health before last year but now I have to.




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