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ET or Asthma!

Aged 63 I was suddenly diagnosed for adult asthma as I was very shirt of breath but it turned out a year later I had ET! Jack2 positive! I have read this also causes shortness of breath. How can I know if I have asthma and not just ET symptoms! Would a spirometry test give the same result for ET? I now take a cortisone inhaler for asthma but is it asthma? I must ha e had the ET for a while as it was un noticed by my GP that my platelets were high so which is it and how do I find out?

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Hello Klys, you really need to speak to your GP about this and your haematologist, they will be able to advise you on your ET and the asthma. Best wishes, Maz


Hi, I hadn't heard that ET gives you shortness of breath but I also have these same issues since diagnosis. Can you explain who told you that ET gives you shortness of breath and how?


I was very short of breath when i was anaemic, how are your blood counts?


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