Just to let you know I haven't completely melted ,but I am suffering with this heat ,,I think my thermostat has stopped working !

Just to let you know I haven't completely melted ,but I am suffering with this heat ,,I think my thermostat has stopped working !

Getting more tired in the sunny days ,but I do try to drink lots of filtered water and good juice ,,I'm still eating healthy ,,given up pork and most red meat ,

The ready cooked smoked salmon is tastie so I eat more these days ,,lots of fresh fruit and fresh veg ,the joint pain especially in my legs is quite bad ,maybe I will give in and agree to a new knee ,I seem to have tried just about everything else ..sending my love to you all ..try hard to keep the faith and stay strong ,,,,. Twinkly ,,xx💜

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  • What a lovely pic Twinkly,you and dog. I am like you suffering badly,temps here are 30+reaching nearly40 last week,we have had this for weeks,night time too,I am totally wiped out ,there is no way I could present a pretty pic like yours,my dogs are flat out too!!Actually the feeling is quite frightening,moving at all is a struggle.....longing for cool rain. We are on alert esp for elderly and unwell people.......both categories for me !!!!Keep as well as you look,best to you Sallyx

  • Yes this heat is a struggle for us MPNers isn't it!! When all my friends say how lovely this summer heat is I am silently saying in my head no no no it's not roll on Autumn!!! It wears me out and anywhere indoors like my office can be unbearable and it does make you feel really rough. Lots of water is the main help I think and several cold showers a day!! Sorry you have pain tho and hope you get some relief. Lovely photo of you and woofer Take care Twinks. Jill

  • Lovely photo Twinkly. The heat is all a bit much but Autumn is nearly here! Keep smiling as always. Karen x

  • Hope you feel stronger soon. We're in Italy and getting bitten by mosies plus the sweltering heat . Should have had air conditioning!! We may gave to ho and buy a fan today.. Keep going with the healthy eating and keep your spirits up. Cool towel around the neck works for me...

  • Thanks all you lovely ladies for your encouraging replys ..I have to get up early every day to feed all my dogs in the coolest part of each day ,try not to sit too long ,in the afternoon ,that's the time I get stiff ,so I keep moving ,of course the dogs are my life ,it's sometimes hard work but I'm sure I would have given in and not been so positive without them to take care of ..everyone needs a reason to drive the body to its maximum performance ..lots of love to all who share this nuisance !! Twinkly. Xx💜

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