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Gastric varices and flying?

Hello again, I'm pleased to report that after my husband was transferred to St Thomas' hospital, they managed to stabilise his bleeding varices and ruled out the idea of a splenectomy. He's been on ruxilitinib for about 2 months now and this seems to be working well.

We took a short 1 hour flight last weekend and we think that this has caused a minor bleed as his HB levels this week had dropped to 67, although there have been no other signs of bleeding.

We are planning on flying to Seattle in August for a holiday, but are worried that the long flight could cause serious issues.

Has anyone had any similar experiences and is there any medication he can take to prevent bleeding?

When he was in hospital in April, the only thing that would stop the bleeding was Terliprezin, which is only available via IV.


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good news! rux is great: certainly shrinking my spleen.

but i am avoiding long-haul flights!


Hi, I have gastric varices and enlarged spleen. I have been on a number of long haul flights with no problems.. My consultants have never been concerned.

Check with them before flying. How have you got on with travel insurance, I have found it very expensive as soon as input the varices.

Managed to get it with no extra charge through my NatWest bank account this year.



Hi Seashell, very glad to hear that your husband is doing well on Ruxolitinib. With regards to a long haul flight, your husband will need to check with his haematologist before he flies to ensure that he is fit to fly, the haematologist will also advise on any medication he needs to prevent DVTs or bleeds, he will also advise your husband on hydration and moving around during the flight. And as Paul has said, make sure you have adequate travel insurance. Best wishes, Maz


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