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My journey back to health

My journey back to health

Keeping my condition under control through discipline and diet is a journey I have been on for more than 3 years. I was diagnosed with PV in May 2013 and immediately needed venesections to bring my hematocrit levels down , it was only by chance that I discovered this disease on visiting my doctor she told me I could have a free blood test and a week later needed an urgent appointment with the nurse for venesection , I was very shocked to discover I was sick with PV and would need treatment for the rest of my life and over the next months of treatment I became very fragile psychologically as I had absolutely no support and no answers to this awful condition, I had for many years suffered with itchy skin and debilitating tiredness. During 2013 I continued to have venesections every 3 or 4 weeks and both my arms where completely black and blue and I also had bone marrow taken from my hip to check for jak 2 gene. I was feeling really low and completely fragile not wanting to tell anyone of what I was going through and realise I felt somehow guilty about being tired all the time and didnt want my family and especially my daughters to worry or know what I was going through, However during this time I researched and read many books on nutrition and naturopathy including Spiritual nutrition by Gabriel Cousins, The Gerson therapy by Charlotte Gerson, A textbook of modern Naturopathy by Linda Lazarides Energy Medecine by Donna Eden all very inspiring and I highly recommend reading them . I then went to see a doctor and naturopath who had helped me with a gallbladder problem many years before and she really put me on the right path to healing , through fasting and diet, and I remember in January 2014 coming home from my visit to this doctor and cleaning everything out of my food cupboards including all processed foods all grains all dairy products and filling my cupboards with fresh fruit and vegetables dried fruits nuts and seeds and then went on a three day water fast on day 4 I had an orange for lunch and an endive for dinner day 5 two oranges for lunch and two endives for dinner day 6 the same plus a salad thereafter eat normally but very healthily . I still stay with as much raw food as possible and make lots of fresh fruit and veg juices and incorporate fasting into my lifestyle as this is the best way to bring hematocrit levels down and also has so many health benefits and after being on this healthy program within 2 months I stopped having venesections and now it had been more than 2 years since I had any treatment , I just make sure to have blood tests every 3 months and so far this is keeping my hematocrit levels normal and I am now so happy with my new healthy lifestyle and most people think I am in my early 40s although I will be 60 next year.

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I wish I had your commitment to the healthy eating, I have fresh veg every day, not enough fruit and to much processed meat, not to mention the odd tipple,crisps and chocolate, Maybe you and Twinkly can put together a recipe book or a weekly menu.

Well done you certainly look well for it, have fun,


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Hi c1u3p5i7d,

I too have been able to avoid venesections with a similar diet regime. Can you tell me if you also have high platelets? I found raw garlic works to bring down those but it is not as easy as the hematocrit.

Lots of love,



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