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DLA change to PIP

Dear all

I have been on DLA for several years for my CRPS! A chronic pain condition which affects my mobility, I now have PV as well, I just hope they will listen to how the symptoms of PV really make you feel. There is no way I could manage without the help DLA has given me. I was just wondering if anyone has already changed to PIP with PV and did the receive the same amount they were getting on DLA. We are real genuine cases, but with the government wanting to rein in the amount of benefits that are paid out. I haven't told them my diagnosis of PV and what I was claiming DLA for was for another Chronic Progessive illness so with PV and the extra problems of day to day living I should still get some help. I hate the stress but like I say a genuine case but so many get turned down! Worrying times!


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Hi Sarah,

I was on DLA like you and last year I was assessed and given in definite DLA. Now I have to apply for PIP and like you I am dreading this for I know that gov. is taking away help from so many most vulnerable people. This is rather concerning for us genuine cases, truly ill people who truly need that help.

I wish you well and successful outcome with applying of PIP.


Hi Sarah, hope you don't mind my responding about something slightly different, but so interested in your mentioning CRPS, which seems to affect our family and I have ET too. CRPS always sounds rare and v interested how it was diagnosed....we are beginning to wonder if there could ever be a connection with CRPS and an MPN? My grand daughter, aged 10. has CRPS, and a child having this is extremely rare. Again makes us wonder if there is some tie wishes to you and hope you can get the financial support you so obviously need and deserve. Tinkerbell13


Hello Sarah, I have just returned from holiday and read your post so my advice is a bit late but. It is true that a lot of people who are in receipt of DLA mobility are refused PIP at the initial assessment. I am an advisor with the CAB and have helped many people complete the application form and can vouch for this. Look up the CAB information web site and find the help in completing PIP form which is there. Better still, go to your local CAB for help. If you are refused PIP don't give up. Ask for a mandatory reconsideration and appeal if this is not successful. Again the CAB can help.



please let us know how you get on as many of us are also waiting for a change to pips and this is a very worrying time good luck and fingers crossed for you michelle


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