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Veinasection After Effects?

Does anyone else suffer from joint pain and stomach cramps following the taking of a unit of blood? I have had PV for over 10 years and am on Hydrox 1 & 2 tables alternate days, I experience the normal fatigue afterwards but in recent years these other side effects have continued after each session, I read somewhere it is the effects on the bone marrow and lower intensities of reduced blood flow/body fluids, a bit like reacting to the loss of body fluids and experiencing a mild level of shock to the body, interested to know?  

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Hi Michael.   some people find a sports replacement drink such as lucozade sports or gatorade helps with the after effects of venesection (assuming you are not diabetic).  This is because the venesection takes whole blood including fluid and electrolytes similar to heavy sweating during exercise.  Its worth a try and hope it helps.


I always drink a pint of water about half an hour before venesection. Then after I have toasted teacake and a "full fat coke" at the hospital cafe. My GP told me that my body doesn't know what has happened to to it so has to get it's self back in to balance.  I believe it takes 24 hours for the plasma to be replaced.

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Hi, just had another venesection. I certainly feel fatigued and sometimes a bit sick after them but like other replies I try and drink (and eat something) beforehand and allow myself what I fancy to eat afterwards along with healthy meals, fruit etc.  I slept for about 2 hours this afternoon, made a meal now quite tired again.  By Monday I should feel a lot better.

I can't really be sure about the sore joints as I have them most of the time anyway. Just had a cortisone jab in my knee yesterday, osteoarthritis loves me and is going from one joint to another.

I suppose it must be quite a shock for the body, my bottom line of BP was certainly quite low after it but the lovely staff make sure you have a cuppa and a biscuit before you go.  I think we are justified in spoiling ourselves after a venesection.  Hope you feel better soon. Kindest regards Aime x😺😺


Hi all, thanks so much for your replies, as usual good advice and nice to know"we are not alone" x


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