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MRI scan on shoulder showing bone marrow "problem"

Finally got to have an MRI scan on a painful/frozen shoulder .

My ortho consultant says the results show arthritic wear so suggests a keyhole op. to clean it up.

So far so good.

However, the scan also shows up bone marrow "issues". He is reluctant to operate without consulting haemo consultant. It could be normal for ET to show up on scan, he doesn't know.

Has anyone else had experience of ET showing abnormal images on an MRI scan?


(Age 66 ,11 years with ET, aspirin + 1000/1500 hydroxy a day)

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Hi Peter

I can't answer your question about ET and MRI scan but I have PV and have had both shoulders done (4 separate ops) as I had problems in two areas with severe wear and tear and it is so worthwhile getting it done.  Wishing you all the best, kind regards Aime xx😺

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I have ET and had total hip replacement a year and half ago. 

Wishing you well

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