G&T anyone?

Just about to start taking Hydroxy and among my long list of concerns one in particular has leapt out at me as being of major significance :(.  I didn't get a leaflet or anything so not sure if I'm supposed to avoid alcohol? Not that I'm planning on getting rat-a***d or anything - but I am hoping to wash down some of my Easter chocolate with one or two G&T's. Will this be ok?

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  • I took it for 18 months ,I couldn't drink at all it made me sooooo dizzy !!

    Not a good idea ,,,twinkly. Xx

  • Thanks Twinkly...although not the reply I'd hoped for lol! I might just try a small one from the safety of my sofa and see if I roll off. It's bad enough having to change my diet and give up donuts with this pesky MPN! x

  • so you're back Twinkly. How are u? Denise, I've been on hydroxy 5 years and only have couple of glasses of wine once a week.with a meal. I would feel unwell if I had more. I think ok in moderation. X

  • HI.I have ET and I was on 2000mg on hydrea every day for 3.5 years and drank wine with my dinner or have a few beers every week and never had any problems. 

  • Talk with your Heam next time, but mine has never put me off. Make sure you keep hydrated and keep up your water intake 

  • I did ask and was told I was fine with my red wine in the evening.  I haven't thought of it really in the four years I have been on Hydroxy. No dizziness just enjoyed relaxing in the evenings with a glass or two ( OK, sometimes three). Lesley x 

  • I've taken HU for many years and whilst I'm not a regular drinker, I drink alchohol when I want to with no adverse effects.  See how it affects you and your body. Fee

  • Hi,

    I drink far less alcohol than I used to. i have a glass of wine when I feel like it,never more than 2 glasses, or a v& t occasionally. I always make sure I drink plenty of water.  Hydration is key.  You will find out for yourself if it suits you.  Enjoy what makes you happy.    We're a long time dead!  

    Happy Easter everyone.

    Judy x

  • Hi I was diagnosed with ET + Jak 2 positive last Sept.  Though I have reduced my alcohol intake, mainly due to age intolerance over the last few years I have continued to drink the odd G & T and glass of wine when socialising and at home when I feel like it.  I asked my consultant about alcohol last year and was told there was no reason to stop because of the complaint or drug.  As others have mentioned see how you feel, everyone is different.  And yes it's imperative to keep hydrated.

  • Hi Denice ,

    I have had Et for 25years take hydroxy  12 tablets a week and I drink lots. We have to live life not endure it.

    Town crier

  • I say try it, see how you feel, we all react differently. I still enjoy a beer (im on rux), but do admit to making an effort to cut down and make sure have several consecutive days a week without a drink.

  • Thanks everyone :). This forum is a font of all wisdom! It certainly seems everyone is different so I'll be pouring a small glass this evening and keeping my finger's crossed. I  guess my next challenge will be hair dye. I remember when I was pregnant it was the only time in the last ten years that my hair wasn't red - the dye simply wouldn't take. I always thought that was weird as isn't your hair effectively 'dead' from the follicles down? How does it know what hormones (or in this case drugs) you have in your body? My roots are showing so I'll be giving it a go next week. Wish me luck otherwise I'll be a very miserable, grey haired, sober woman pining for donuts! x

  • Hi Denice, I have ET and take Hydrea.  When I first had my hair coloured after starting the drugs I went very blonde!!  Unintentionally!!  However, I found a hairdresser through My New Hair mynewhair.org/ and she got my hair back into reasonable condition and now uses an organic hair colour which works a treat!  I now look more my original/natural colour again!

    And I drink wine too!

    Take care and Good Luck!

  • I used to colour my hair myself, but since being on HU I've had it done at the hairdressers via foils so I don't get chemicals on my scalp. I have 2 shades of red and a blonde to help cover my grey hairs! She keeps a note of the strength of the colours I have. I have it done every couple of months or so. It's nice to have it done at the hairdressers, after years of getting hair colour all over the bathroom!! Got to spoil ourselves now and again!

    As regards the alcohol I don't drink but when I went on HU the haem said I could if I wanted!

    Best Wishes

    Lizzie X

  • Hi Denice, sorry for the delay in responding to you, with regards to alcohol whilst taking Hydroxycarbamide, the advice in our leaflet is that while it is safe to drink alcohol in moderation whilst taking Hydroxycarbamide we recommend you do not exceed the recommended weekly limits of 21 units of alcohol per week for a man and 14 units for a woman.  Alcohol can cause dehydration and it is important to avoid becoming dehydrated if you have an MPN, you should also your consultant or doctor if you require more information on alcohol consumption.  And with regards to your hair, yes you can still dye your hair whilst on Hydroxycarbamide, just follow the usual strand and skin tests, mine is 5 different shades of blue with some violet and purple, have been doing it for years and all ok, I am on Hydroxycarbamide, and you can also carry on eating donuts.  Best wishes, Maz x x

  • Thanks Maz....that is music to my ears! I had a couple of g&t's at the weekend with no ill effects - only stated the hydroxy on Friday but so far, so good. Got hair appointment booked later this week. Loving your multi-coloured look - makes mine look quite tame, lol. x

  • Maz, it's such a delight to read your posts.  How could anyone not smile!

    Best wishes to you and the team.

    Judy x

  • I have been on Hydroxy for 7 years, again, not a big drinker but have never had a problem having the odd drink have even been known to wash them down with a glass of wine!

  • I swear by a couple of G&T's. Get yourself a bottle of Mere for a special treat, lovely gin, just lovely, as they all are😁 🍹 x


  • Hello Denice66,  Don't forget we are all different.  Over the years while on Hydroxy I have had wine and beer but have chosen not to drink spirits.  One hem did say it was fine to have a drink.  I think ou are wise to see what is best for you.  Happy Easter.

  • My oncologist said its better not to drink but if I really couldn't go without alcohol to limit it to one drink every once in awhile. Don't know why he said this but fortunately I don't mind going without it. Good luck. Katie

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