eeesential thrombocythemia?

im 29 years old with routine blood count platlets was 560 follow up after 1month it was 650 then reached 800 after another 1 month

i sought medical advice which suspect ET asked some investigtions jack 2 bcr abol and abdominal ultrasound

jack 2 and bcr abol were negative and no splenomegally by ultrasound

by continue follow up platlets decreaes to 660 after 2 months .

i have intese itching in my feet and hand relieved by antihistaminic

what shall i do next and these symptoms related to E.T OR NOT?

thanks in advance

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  • Hi - there is another test you should ask for - CALR. Only about 50% of ET Patients are JAK2 Positive.

    Make sure you keep pressing for answers. Good luck to you.


  • ok thanks

  • Have you see a haematologist who specialises in ET and MPNs? It would be well worth doing so in my opinion. Platelet counts can go up and down with ET. If nothing else, you may need aspirin treatment and a bone marrow biopsy to confirm diagnosis. Are you near London, UK?

  • No im from egypt

    my doctor already asked me to do bone marrow biopsy

    i will do it soon but im worried about the prognosis of ET

    what do you think ?

    thanks alot osidge

  • ET is different for everyone. A lot of people can have a lifespan that is not compromised by their ET.

    Take care.

  • i have ET and often get itchy hands and feet! But you will probably need a bone marrow biopsy to confirm that you have it.

    Best wishes


  • ok thanks i will do it soon

  • Hello Fady, you do need to speak to your GP about this or the haematologist. Maz

  • ok i will what do you think about the prognosis?

    thanks alot mazcd

  • I can't say I'm afraid, you will have to discuss this with your haematologist. Maz

  • I had terrible itching/crawling feeling all over my skin before I was diagnosed , it nearly drove me mad. Once I was diagnosed (et and pcv) and went on hydroxy it all stopped. I occasionally get irritated skin, but find SBC gels help me enormously. Hope all goes well for you.

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