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Hi All, hope you all had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year to us all! I was just wondering if anyone had tried Pomegranate juice . I have been reading about its benefits and am wondering whether to try it. I have ET, currently only taking a baby aspirin a day and I am interested to see if it would have any effect in lowering platelets. I have done a bit of research and it seems to be ok to take it as well as the aspirin. Anyone else drinking it ?

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  • I don't know if it was the pomegranate or not but last blood count was good. On pomegranate platelets went from 510 to 467. I do take pomegranate. I was drinking the juice now am taking the pills.

  • I think I have just replied to my own post instead of yours ! I am interested in finding out if you also take aspirin. Thank you for replying anyway. Also is your haemotologist interested in the results or are you waiting to see if it continues to lower ?

  • I do take a daily aspirin. That so far is all I am taking. My hematologist doesn't know about the pomegranate. I'm doing my own research on pomegranate. Let me know how you do on the juice. Very interesting stuff.

  • I will ! Thank you

  • Me too. Will know on Thurs if there's any platelet reduction. Love Poll x

  • That would be great ! Can I ask how long you have been taking it , how much you have and when. Oh and also if you are on aspirin and anything else for your ET ?

  • Thank you for your reply ! Can I ask if you are also on aspirin ?

  • I have E.T and taking only 75mg Asprin at the minute. I had my bloods taken just before christmas and had been taking Pomegranate pills for around 3 weeks before that. I bought them because of the positive reports on this forum.

    Alas, my platelets had gone up! They are now 766. I told the haematologist i had been taking them, and she hadnt heard of any link to reducing platelets. I am going to carry on taking the rest of the bottle, maybe i hadnt been on them long enough. I next have my bloods taken in March, i think that should be long enough to see if Pomegranate does make a difference (to me at least) Fingers crossed because the Dr said that if my platelets carry on increasing at this rate, i will be on Hydroxy within the year. Boo!

  • Its strange how they have different opinions. My platelets have been as high as 960 last time they were 875. But I am still not on hydroxy. I currently am only on aspirin.

  • I drank a glass a day, ate the seeds and ate fish 4 or 5 days a week and my platelets dropped from 560 to 450 over one month, but other counts went up and I still had to start interferon. Good luck, Mel.

  • Hi, I drank pomegranate juice daily for about 3 months when first diagnosed with ET. I think i was desparate to decrease my platelet count. Well I have to say it did! The platelets went from 890 to 635. But who knows what cause it? I was terribly anxious at that time. I didn't particularly like the taste of the juice, but thought I would carry on, until I starting getting a gut ache. That is when I stopped and my stomach came right. All I am doing at present is eating pomegranate fruit which is imported from USA. I don't have further blood tests till May, so won't know any further platelet count till then. Keep up the research!! Lyn

  • Hi Lyn, thank you for replying. I haven't started the juice yet, I have probably left it too late now as I have an appointment next week. I like you am desperate to lower my platelet count, I also get very anxious about it and I believe that stress can raise the count. I have had ET for about 10 years apparently but I was not referred to hospital until 4 years ago. I am only on aspirin at the moment but I am 59 now and my consultant says 60 is probably the time for more treatment. For the last 3-4 weeks I have noticed a red rash on my lower legs below the knee and my arms below the elbow. My GP says it looks like an allergic rash but I don't know why it would just be there and why I would have it for so long and I am now wondering if it could be related so will have to see what they say next week.

  • Hi

    I have researched about pomegranate too as I thought I would try it

    My findings were that it could have an adverse reaction with some drugs

    It's similar to grapefruit which I'm told not to take with Ramipril and some other drugs that I take

    Ive not asked my doctor about it yet but on that basis I haven't tried it .


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