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ET to PV


Just got some blood tests back from the GP. I thought I might be becoming anaemia because I was so shattered all the time. To my surprise my RBC are slightly raised (only just outside normal parameters) and some of my WBC are raised - neutrophil and eosonophil - are just outside normal levels. I am JAK2 + and diagnosed with ET (platelets are raised). I do have autoimmune disease so that could account for the WBC, couldn't it? Is it possible to develop PV after an initial diagnosis of ET? Are there other reasons for RBC and WBC creeping up?

My GP is phoning tomorrow so I'll have a chat with him. I know these questions are above most people's pay grades. The knackered feeling is down to low thyroid function so at least that is easily enough fixed!

Hope you're all enjoying your Christmases.

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Hi, yes it is possible to develop PV after initial diagnosis of ET, it has just happened to me, although it is rare! My RBC have been creeping up and a red cell mass test diagnosed PV.

Hope this helps.


Hi Shazzer

I was first diagnosed with ET in 1996 and for about the first 12 years it was successfully treated with HU (now called HC) . However my red counts and in particular my packed cell volume started to increase and I now have venesections ie a unit of blood taken off every 8 weeks or so. The diagnosis that is now written on my notes is ET evolving PV .

For all that I keep reasonably well , energy levels can get low but at now the ridiculous old age of 71 I supose I must expect it.

Town Crier Hu 12 times 500mg per week plus baby aspirin


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