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MPN Voice Christmas cards SOLD OUT

We have now sold out of all the Christmas cards and unfortunately we are unable to obtain any further supplies from the printers.

We would like to thank all of you who have purchased the cards for your amazing support in buying and sending the cards.

Any orders and cheques received will be returned.

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Wow Maz , , they apparently didn't last long , , I haven't even started to check cards out yet and was going to peruse several (MPN Voice, Leukemia Care, Local Hospice) this next week to see what's on offer. . Seems like you could have maybe sold em twice over, must be hard to judge but maybe it demonstrates an increase in your profile and therefore public awareness.

Anyway I'm sorry some peops like me will be disappointed but it's better than having loads left and just breaking even. So a good result.


Hi Chris, they have been very popular this year, we changed the designs which I think helped, and ordered more than we ever have hoping they would sell, and they did, I advertised them at the beginning of September which seemed a bit early, but shops were selling cards so we didn't want to be left behind. It is hard to judge the amounts to buy, we have been left with loads in previous years, but it seems the designs this year were just what people wanted. We have sold 400 packs of cards, which is amazing. Maz


Oh Well Done there, , you can't argue with that Maz my friend, but I kid you not Crimbo products will be ont shelves following Easter soon, just as Easter Eggs appear back end of Jan. However I applaud you for hitting the market early as it was proven to be the correct strategy. . Now then when do get the Choccy Eggs in your store cupboard ?? X


I don't understand the concept of 'store' and 'chocolate' it doesn't work, chocolate goes straight in the mouth! x


I kinda knew you might say that Maz. . You're a chocolate queen. . Guessing you'd eat all the profits x


Wow well done Maz , £££££££

I love the new design this year ,

Sorry Jedireject I bought them all 😝

I'm so glad I ordered earlier this your

as I'm getting ahead of the game incase my first grandson decided to make an early appearance due middle Jan ,:) X


Take care ,


I'm glad you bought the cards. . Save me writing em out. Happy to hear of your first Grandson due in Jan, all the really top guys are born in Jan 🙌. Now stay calm. . X


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