My husband and I went to see his haematologist

Hoping to be put on to some trial drug. We were told that none if the new trials were suitable and suggested he try an old drug called Danazol, his platelet level is around 20 white cells 1.8 he has three units of blood every two weeks however he keeps very well. Is age is 70 yrs. I have read about this drug on the internet and don't really think it is suitable for him. Has anyone else tried this.

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  • Hello ardpatrick, can you tell me why you feel that Danazol isn't suitable for your husband? Maz

  • It can cause cramps which he suffers from badly, I am thinking now it has been prescribed to alleviate pain, which he does not complain about other than breathlessness. This drug seems to be all about women am I looking in the wrong websites. Hopefully you can help

  • I think it might help if you read our leaflet about Danazol mpdvoice.org.uk/wp-content/..., I can also send you a copy of this in the post if you would like me to, email me with your postal address maz.cd@mpnvoice.org.uk. Maz

  • Maz many thanks for your help, I have read the leaflet which has been very helpfull and put my fears to rest. I will print it out for Hector to read. We are soo glad you are there I did not realise that there was soo much help out there.

    Thanks again Elaine

  • Hey Result there Elaine, Maz. People power in action. I do hope your hubby gets on with the Danazol. . He's doing remarkablely well by sound of it. . My best to you both. Chris x

  • Thanks for that I am amazed by the help from this web site and of course Maz and everyone on it. Hope your feeling good now, have been watching your progress.

  • Going along ok is, got call yday to go back Manc Royal Thursday coz kidney, liver readings high. . Might give me fluids for kidneys but to be honest I'm better at home eating drinking all day coz don't get enough hydration in hosp. . On much they can do bout liver cept review my drugs coz chemo affectted it and will take time to repair itself. Dunno how serious it is but I'm not yellow just yet !!

    Good thing I feel ok but things are very changeable and can do so quickly which is why I'm being closely monitored. . . Thanks for asking of me . Chris x

  • Should read 'going along ok ish' , auto correct don't like slang or abbreviations! !

  • Hi j,d, here I am poking my nose in as usual ..just like a mother hen ! Well my lovely boy ..a question ? Can you eat liver x bacon ,with nice brown gravy?? I have it once a week .its really good for us with this blood problem ,,you can hide it in a casserole ..with lots of tomatoes and onions ...I'm only trying to help cos I luv yer lots .....twinkly. Xxx

  • Easily, , I will give it a go , ages since I had liver , went off it a tad went I watched the Hannibal Lectre films. . . Though my sis stem cells more used to nut roast as she veggie, , , love and thanks for caring again xx

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