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MPNs and diabetes

A few months ago I had the HB1AC test and I had a slightly elevated sugar level of 43 (classed as pre diabetic).

Every few weeks I get my blood checked first thing in the morning and my readings have been fairly good (5.7-6.0) - as anything below 6.1 is considered in the normal range.

However, I expected them to be slightly lower as I've reduced my sugar quite a bit in recent weeks.

I wondered if having a MPN or any of the medications might have any effect on blood sugar levels?

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I have had type 2 diabetes for over ten years. I am unmediated for this as I control it with my diet. I have been taking Hydroxycarbamide for the last four years or so. My blood sugar has not increased since taking thr Hydroxy.

Hope this is of some help.

Best wishes Sandy.


Hello Mark, I have asked Prof Harrison for you and she said that a MPN and the meds should not have any effect on your blood sugar levels. Kind regards, Maz.


Had a new HB1AC test and my sugar level is now down to 33!

Didn't expect such a big drop!


that's great news Mark, well done. Maz


Thanks Maz.


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