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MPNs and Wine

Has anyone had any problems with Wine, having to restrict intake? Obviously not an ideal supplement to HU or Interferon and all depends on level of consumption but for example, is HU equivalent to say 1 unit of alcohol per day in terms of potential liver damage. Or more toxic/less toxic?

Just wondering if anyone has a ball park idea.

Also, have the drugs affected your sense of taste?


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Hi Paul123456,

Well, I have no clue what wine might be equivalent to...but I drink wine, for sure.

My doc actually told me to! When I first became ill, I stopped drinking totally and after 6-7 months the doc asked me how much I drank. I told him I didn't at all and he asked why.

He looked into the sky...his eye went away...his voice changed and then he was talking about a glas fullbodied red wine, for about 5 minutes...before he was back in the room!

Then he told me that a glas of nice quality wine, red if he could choose, wouldn't do me any harm. So I went straight to the shop and bought a bottle and had a glas that very night! Lovely!

My view is that if I can't enjoy life a little, what's the point? I have about 3-5 glasses per week unless there is some extra festive situation. As my partner is a keen wine-learner, he buys the wine and tell me about them etc...We have been to many wine yards in South Africa, New Zealand, Argentina, Chile, Spain, Australia etc....so I report back to my doc every time when I am back. One can get liver damage with or without wine so I am going to enjoy the wine.

No, my taste has not changed, as far as I can remember.


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Sounds like he was hinting what he wants when you next visit at Xmas time! All the docs I know drink like fish.

I drink about 30 units a week but sadly my only vice, as you say what’s the point if can’t enjoy a few drinks.

I assume HU potentially more liver damaging but higher dose over long time. I take milk thistle daily and have regular 3 months liver function tests via Thriva. (You prick a finger, squeeze a few drops into tube and mail to them. Get liver, irons, vit D and cholesterol results emailed in a couple of days.)


Hmmmm......yes, he did get a very nice bottle that Christmas. As I am in the dental "world", I can tell you that they "do not spit in the glas" either!

Speaking of that, we just had a delivery of wine! I had to explain to the delivery man why I was laughing when I openened the door for him!




Hi Paul,

I used to enjoy a glass of wine but I feel so awful after drinking it that I just don’t drink any alcohol now. I think it must be PV related because I used to be able to drink a couple of glasses and enjoy it. I decided that if I’m feeling that bad after one glass, my body is telling me something.

Kind regards

Aime x😺😺


Like Aime I find that I am a lit more sensitive to wine than I used to, particularly red. One glass made me feel quite ill recently, cider seem to be ok thank goodness.


Hi all im same cant drink red wine anymore ! i can have rose or beer that seems okay but sadly not red , I know red wine can be very beneficial, for heart etc but it makes me feel yuk now since taking HU regards Holly