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Been so busy

Hi everyone - been so busy lately but I was just getting in touch with an old friend to meet up like we do every year and realised it is 1 year ago that I started with all the tests. I was only actually diagnosed in April with PMF but it was at this time last year when a wonderful doctor on our fabulous NHS in A&E noticed how high my platelets were which started this whole thing off. When I was first diagnosed I was in shock and obviously so worried about what would happen. I mean I'm a 44 year old mum with two young children being told I have an incurable condition. Then I read more, joined fabulous groups like this one, went to the MPN forum at Guys and realised its not necessarily a death sentence and to take each day as it comes. Most days I'm fit and well, some days I'm too tired to even lift my arms but I keep going knowing that there are amazing people doing amazing work to give us all our tomorrow's. So if you have recently been diagnosed or are going through the tests, don't dwell on the what you may not be able to do, just concentrate and the what you can do and what tomorrow may bring x

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Well said Lesley x


Great outlook Lesley, , wish I'd had that but some 'well meaning' specialist told me very early on I would need BMT 3-5 yrs from diagnosis. That number 5 stayed with me until it came and went. Only then did I shift my mindset. . So keep playing it as you are. I think you're wonderful. . x


Right back at ya Chris! :-)


Hear hear Lesley....I echo that.

Best wishes Sandy x


Wise words! X


What a lovely positive view on things. Good for you for putting it into words - I will keep telling myself that it is a good day but I am off to the dentist!



Wonderful outlook, well done you

Karen xx


What a lovely message Lesley. A great reminder.


So happy to hear your thoughts about this, helps me alot! Thank you.


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