Can blood be used for patients with severe Blood loss from patients with polycythemia JAK2 positive

I was wondering if patients with polycythemia JAK2 positive blood can be used for patients with severe Blood loss. I am not a doctor or resercher however at the risk of making myself look a fool I have asked the question.

My blood has a high level of cells in it and as far as I am aware my condition can't be caught (maybe giving my blood to someone else is pushing it) however from a layman's point of view would the blood be like a concentrate and help peple. It always seem a pity just to incinerate it. Or perhaps I should turn the question on its head and ask the question "Why can't the blood be used for something! "

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  • Hi Stan.

    I was told by my professor that it can not be used in any blood transfusion as our thick blood can cause the person receiving it to have a blood clot. So under no circumstances would it be used. I was also told to come off the Anthony Nolan register which is been on for 25 years x

  • I heard that our blood with extra cells was once used but somebody sued after then contracting an mpn. It could not be proven that it was or wasn't from the blood so mpn blood is now never used. It does seem a waste of all the extra cells but in this age of litigation I guess it's a sensible decision. As Karen's prof said, the thick blood might be the problem but I would have thought that as they are able to separate blood cells that should not be so much of a problem? BUT I'm no doctor or pathologist so what would I know?

  • I've wondered about organ transplants as well in that regard. Can they be given to another patient even though there might only be minute traces of infected - JAK2 blood still inside the organ itself?

  • Hello from what I understand from my consultant, Jak 2 positive means that there has been a mutation in your jeans, and the Jak2 Jean, which we all have had been permanently switched on, so it goes into overdrive and can't be switched off. Anyone with an MPN can not give blood, donate organs, give platelets, red cells etc... We have a rare blood cancer and I'd we did any donating would give it to the person we donated to. Just like you can't catch breast cancer, you can't catch an MPN, but a blood transfer etc would cause a huge problem. Hope this helps xxxx

  • Good morning everyone. I was told that since our marrow overproduces blood cells those cells are not fully functional and therefore cannot be used for tranfusions. So as I have ET my platelets are immature and they might stick when not needed and not stick when needed and that is the reason I cannot donate nor blood nor platelets.

    Best regards,

    Zlata, ET JAK2 neg, Roferon 3 miu 6 times a week, daily aspirin

  • Hello StanM, I asked the medical team for you and the answer is: It can't be used as we cannot be sure that transfusing blood from someone with PV would not cause PV in some recipients. The more fundamental point is that blood for transfusion purposes has to be ultra safe. I hope this helps. Maz

  • We were told my husband can't be a donor with polycthamenia jak 2 mutation.

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