Hopefully from your information critical payouts I get good news today !!!!!!

Recently reading some of your posts regarding critical illness , I run it passed my hubby saying shame we declined taking it out on our Insurance , he looked at me & said we have one running from our first

Insurance before changing but we left it running , So we are waiting to hear within 48 hrs if it's valid , This would be the break we NEED , ,,,, I'm keeping every thing crossed , we aren't normally lucky regarding claims so I'm not getting to excited about it x

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  • Hi Pam, I am crossing everything for you as well, Maz x x x x

  • Thanx Maz ,

    It would take a lot of worrying away x

  • I hope you get some good news from them, you deserve it x I am crossing everything I can for you Liz C xx

  • fingers toes all crossed please be lucky as know will make a huge difference

  • Thanks shelly for your kind message , Still waiting for news , 😗 it will be a huge weight lifted if they pass it , x

  • any news hunny x

  • please keep me informed hopeing and praying for you

  • Everything crossed.xx Aime

  • Hi Shelly & Aime , No I've not heard anything about my claim yet , But no news is good News , soon as I here I will post , hopefully it's Good news :)

    Thanks for thinking of me x

    Hope your keeping well , 😊 x

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