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My husband was diagnosed with MFN approx 5 years ago he requires 3 units of blood every 2 weeks his white count is low as is his platelets vary between 10 -17 he suffers terribly with the cold and is very breathless I sometimes think he has been wrongly diagnosed. He had bone marrow testing a few years ago. He also has terrible cramp even in his hands when eating dinner . Does anyone else know of these sympton

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I felt exactly like this when I was anaemic. I had excruciating cramps in my legs, shivery - even though I knew it was warm around me, and really breathless. I did a half marathon with an iron count of 3.5 and thought I was dieing a slow death. If I'd known how anaemic I was beforehand, I might have sat that one out. I also could have slept 24/7, took dizzy spells, fainted...

I don't have MF. And my health is actually quite good considering but I've never experienced anything like the symptoms I had with anaemia. I hope your husband can get some sort of relief from his symptoms.

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Thank you so much for your reply Shazzer. Since my post I have purchased some Mega Magnesium tablets for my husband and they are working wonders for him. Hardly any leg cramps at all now.



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