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Are you feeling a little low? Need a pick me up? Just a chat to a friend might help! Come to our chat x get together ,22nd oct ,Cambridge ,,

We had a really enjoyable chat day at Cambridge last time in August ,at scotsdales garden centre ,,,cancer support building the beautiful garden setting ,

Everybody is welcome to just drop in ,it's 11. Till 4 ..all refreshments are free ,lovely surroundings ..relax and take a break is the order of the day ,, All directions get from. Maz ..she has the link .. Twinkly ...

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Hi twinkly,

I've just booked a half day off work, and will be there traffic allowing half one / twoish. Found it was really good to talk last time. Just so people know my partner has et, and I'm going to the chat day to learn more about experiences of people who suffer from the condition and I found it useful to talk to other partners who don't have the condition themselves. It's important for partners to be involved too x


We really liked meeting you .my bob said you are a great support's good to just open up sometimes family are too involved ,but fellow patients having same symptoms understand about looking good and feeling rubbish ,

We hide so well our inner most pain ..look forward to seeing you again ,lovely venue so calm and friendly ....twinkly ...x


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