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Omega 7 Sea Buckthorn Oil

I read about the great benefits of this natural supplement in relation to maintaining healthy mucous membranes and it's benefit for those who have reached menopausal age. However one of the noted cautions was that it should not be taken with aspirin so I wondered if anyone has heard of this supplement and whether they had used it or discussed with their haematologist? Am tempted to give it a try having read the rave reviews by female users.

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Hi Florence1961, I have asked Prof Harrison if she can advise you on this, I will post her reply as soon as I have it. Kind regards, Maz.


Hi again Florence 1961, the answer from Prof Harrison is: This is difficult as there is a caution for a drug you ought to be taking. This suggests the supplement may increase the risk of bleeding. I would advise to either 1. Discuss with the pharmacy where you purchased or want to purchase the supplement from, or 2. Show it to and discuss with your haematologist. I hope this helps, Maz.


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