Low PH level?

Hi just been for bloods and told my ph level has gone low and the blood is clumping, they have repeated the bloods and going to look further just in case it's a blip and not a true reading. Trying to regulate the hydroxy due to various symptoms including enlarged spleen and high platelets on the plus side the platelets have reduced. Any one experienced this?

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  • I don't know if my phone level has ever been tested.

  • Not phone. *ph. I don't like auto correct

  • Hi Guys - I don't think my ph level has been tested either - unless it has and it has never been mentioned by the docs! Aime

  • Thanks for replies, I have PV and the low PH was found during the routine full blood count, but I'm having upper abdominal pain along with really bad sweats and bouts of dizziness. Put me on extra hydroxy plus other meds so having regular blood tests until they can stabilise my count, was just curious as to the re-test for low PH as I've never had it before.

  • Hi littled, I have a friend who a trainee gp who stumbled accross paper work on an experiment with regards to polycythaemia, they gave patients high doses of vitamin C with bi-carb of soda. Neither ingredient worked on its own but it did combined (bring down the haematocrit). Unfortunately their was an alarming rate of patients developing cancer so they scrapped the experiment never to be done again.

    I've since often wondered if their is link between the ph of our blood and poly, because if my memory serves me right bi-carbonate of soda neutralizes the ph. Please don't try this at home.

    Regards geoff

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