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Has anyone had any experience with the Low FODMAP diet for IBS and increasing Migraine symptoms?

I have had a constant headache boardering migraine for 5 days now, with aching everywhere, feeling sick every now and again,but also feeling soooooo tired. I started the low FODMAP diet 7 days ago-which basically means I've cut out wheat, lactose and onion garlic and most green veg. I've had some blood taken today to see if anything shows up. Anyone any experience with this?

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That doesn't sound like the fodmap diet to me. Are you doing it with a registered dietitian (not a nutritionist, nutritional therapist). You can check here: If they are not registered they shouldn't be supervising a medical exclusion diet. If they are then give them a ring and ask about the side effects. If not get your GP to refer you to a gastro dietitian.



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