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What else can I try?

I've identified wheat and soya as triggers, and since cutting them out have been able to come off amitriptyline. I don't drink booze, I get regular sleep and I don't skip meals. But I'm still getting migraines about once a week. What else can I try in terms of managing triggers? I'm wondering if there might be other foods I should try cutting out.

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I have suffered with migraines all my life and i have finally had some relief by identifying (Sulphites preservatives & artificial colours and flavours) they are in so many foods/drinks/tablets. Don’t be fooled in to thinking if it states on the packaging No artificial colours or flavours you'll be ok. I was tricked by that and couldn’t work out why I was still getting constant migraines until I read the ingredients and to my horror saw that they are still adding the preservatives. I hope this helps you


I printed out the food diary that I have been keeping for 2 months. I colour coded likely problem foods (based on my own hunches), colour coded migraines and the preceding 4 days, and then looked for patterns. I was able to see that oats and dairy are fine, but what quickly became apparent was that any time I had cooked with wine or sherry I had had a migraine in the period of days after. I have now stopped cooking with booze and haven't had a migraine for 3 weeks! I can recommend this method if you think you might have migraines due to food intolerances.


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