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National Migraine Awareness Week

Hi All,

As it's National Migraine Awareness Week I've scheduled a whole bunch of posts for this week about my experience of migraine and useful resources that have helped me.

I'd love it if you checked them out - and shared your own experiences. Of course please feel free to share any of my posts across any of your social media platforms if they are useful to you - or you think they might be useful to your followers/fans.

I hope you all have a migraine free week!

2 Replies

Love the video you posted here skullsandponies! A great honest account of how you feel when you get a migraine, I'm sure many can sufferers can sympathise with this.


Brilliant webpage altogether. Very interesting, I thought we all felt similar things!

Best quote I read on this website (and one I use myself) is the feeling of someone sticking a fork in your left eye.

I'll print the quotes and stick it on the staff noticeboard at work. Thank you!


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