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My Migraines are getting worse and I don't know what to do

Since I was 11 I have been getting migraines. It used to make me sick and then the migraine would go. Know i get the aura with blurred vision and then I loose sight in half the left eye. I have to rush home from work before the vision goes and take pain killers as soon as I can (usually paracetomol the strong ones). As soon as I lay in a darkened room with the duvet over my head I get the very sharp pain above the eye and nusea sets in. I then get a numb hand and pins and needles up my arm then into my mouth. That then eventually fades and I have to sleep as much as I can but the head still lingers on for a day or two. I have seen my GP throughout the years but no one seems to help and no medication seems to touch it. I have also cut out chocolate, cheese, and citrus fruits. I really need some advice on where is the best place to go and who would be the best person to see as this is affecting my work and happens every other week at the moment.

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Hello Clare. I am sorry to hear that migraine is affecting you so badly at the moment. We are a charity and we live and breathe migraine. Our clinic offers appointments with headache specialist doctors, led by a Consultant Neurologist. We do not charge for appointments but ask patients to donate to help cover the cost of the appointment.

When it affects your home and work life and you starting taking too many painkillers, it is time to seek expert help. Call 0207 251 7806, or refer yourself online at

I am sure that there are many users on here who will back me up in saying that the Centre is well worth a visit.

All the very best.


Thank you so much i will call you after work and make an appointment.


Clare, I hope you get some help from the centre. I get the pins & needles in the arm too - horrible. isn't it! And I cut out the usual suspects from my diet - happily none of them were to blame in the end, but it's frustrating when you can't get any respite.

Look after yourself, and hopefully things will improve soon.


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