at last some thing that works for me!

Having suffered from migraine for 20 years and tried every preventative in use in the UK from propanolol to topimax! After reading an American article I begged my GP to prescribe Cymbalta 60mgs. The change is amazing! aside from some insomnia and evening restless irritability for 2 weeks there have been few side effects. I have gone from 3 per week and 4-6 Zomig sprays per week 1 per month! I hope this may help someone else. xo

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  • wow,great news! long may it continue!!

  • That sounds fantastic Fusspot!!! I may just go see if I can get it from my GP...although I won't hold out much hope, they're pretty tight!

  • Is this an anti depressant?

  • i also take cymbalta...and yes zigzag it is an anti depressant....most of the meds that they rx for prevention, where not intended for that purpose when they were invented....cymbalta is one such med...those that suffered from the primary condition and also suffered from migraines, had a reduction and now it is used to help far there are no meds invented specifically for the prevention of migraine

  • Thank you Cat for answering this, it is used in USA for pain management in general it is also used for stress incontinence. I have suffered from bladder pain for years and it too has vanished. One down side I failed to mention, sexual disappointment ...expecting chocolate cake and getting a diet yoghurt comparison :(

  • I previously posted the above in June to give some hope to sufferers. Unfortunately this improvement was short lived. I have reverted back to a minimum of 2- 3 migraines per week. Living in dread of each one....never free of symptoms of an on coming attack or residual after effects. Im so sick of them. I want a life!

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