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My visit to the National Migraine Centre a couple of years ago, was very beneficial

Having tracked down the National Migraine Centre, under it's old name in cyber space, a couple of years back. I found going along most beneficial, for a number of reasons. My family is plagued by autoimmune diseases and headaches are prevalent amongst these. My young son felt very well looked after at the centre, and beyond helping towards diagnosis in a complicated situation - it also acted to remove a block in his very slow care at the time. The letters written for us by them for local teams were more than helpful.

It is essential I think, that both the public and the medical profession have somewhere to refer outside the NHS, that does not necessitate a referral from a GP or PCT.

I have had some brilliant care over the years, and have some very nice teams around myself and my children currently.

However at one time, I really did come up against the rough end of poor treatment. Like others in my area we were shocked at the time consumption with making a complaint and also the poor outcome. In these current cash strapped times, these cash gobbling PCT outcomes are costly for public funds and the outcome is normally poor for both patient and medic, Lets not forget that times medical staff wish to report things also, such as poor care, only to receive bad treatment themselves.

This paper makes things much fairer and would ease the burden of wasted money and outcomes in the NHS. This is why I support the petition and sign it and share it with others for further signatures.

You could say... it would be less of a headache for the DOH if they indeed could get around to reading it.

A number of my friends are now thinking of booking appointments with the NMC on account of the good care we had.

Mary F

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