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should i be worried about a lump in my head?

hi all

I have been going backwards and forwards to my doctors for years now with varoius symptoms, severe fatigue, headaches and was eventually diagnosed with underactive thyroid. I have been experiencing severe headaches that last for sometimes over two weeks. My doctors are putting it down to migraine but i cant help think there is something else wrong as they are mouch worse migraines than i used to experience. i have suffered with them since a teenager but they always went with tablets. these recent ones are stubborn. anyway around six weeks ago a lymph node in the back of my head became swollen and painfull. I believe its a lymph node as i have one in my shoulder that swells up then goes away and this had the same feeling. The thing is it has not gone down and has gone rock hard and i have a lump in my head which i can feel with my hand and it feels like i have something there that should not be there. It is very uncomfortable and aches slightly, with a mild throbbing but is no longer painfull. after this appeared i had another attack of sever headaches. Should i be concerned about it and has anyone else had something like this? I also have a sore spot in my lower back that is painfull when pressed and i have never suffered back pain before.

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i would get back to your gp to get them checked.

even if anyone on here did get lumps on their head theres no way of knowing they are the same as yours.

for your peace of mind, pop back to your gp.


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