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What side do you get your migraines on?

My migraines are usually on the left hand side but since having MOH (where most of the headaches are right sided) I've noticed I've started getting both right and left hand sided migraines. It makes it hard for me to figure out whether it's just a headache or a full blown migraine and therefore harder to medicate effectively!

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I've always had right sided migraines and in the last 4 years i'm now 'lucky' enough to get both, right sided are liveable and i'm slightly slow but functional, left sided pure evil and totally FLOOR me! I sometimes struggle to know if the right side ones are general headaches or a migraine as i don't often get an aura or any warnings, left ones - at time of writing absolutely no doubt - i just have to try to stand up for a minute or 2, if i have to run for the toilet and be sick then it's a migraine. the left sided did go like the right and be liveable and i could function on them but they have reverted so that's not the case and i generally just wake up with them.


my migraines are mainly right sided diagonal across my face, if i get left sided pain it is generally a headache or across horizontal then sinusitus which i get on occasion.


Hi there

I get left and right sided, but the majority are in the centre or back of my head (I think those are the basilar migraines). I have found that when I get a right sided migraine it seems to be the worst of all in the level of pain. I've also noticed that visual auras sometimes start in one eye but seem to switch to the other.

I find it hard to be clear of the detail of what happens in some migraines as they just make you feel so deeply confused at the time. I agree, it is often not obvious when or what to medicate with. If you are also limiting yourself to pain killers on only two days a week to avoid the kickback headaches, then I want to keep those for the worst days, not the mild days. It's just so difficult to make the right decision at times! I guess a diary might help, but after keeping one for months, I am really not sure it helps to identify those early stages and what to take. But I might be wrong!!


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