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What medication can be taken for Thunderclap Migraines that do not interfere with eye disease, Immunocompromised and weight?

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Took Topamax for years, am at risk of developing narrow angle glaucoma. Doctor said was ok to remain on dosage but also see if alternative medicine was possible. Took Amovig for 3 months and recently developed an allergy. Looking for medication that does not interfere with eyes, immune system disease and cause weight gain. Any suggestions or guidance would be greatly appreciated!

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I take topiramate for migraine and l have lost 4 stone on it however.lt can cause eye conditions l think and a whole host of side effects .lm in the process of weaning off. I am not sure about thunderclap headache's some people hate it others thrive on it . Good luck

Same thing here. I was on Zonizamide after Topiramate. Kidney stones now Glaucoma. I had some success with anti-CGRPs but it only seems to last awhile. Apparently doctors are confused too. Took me off Zonizamide and didn’t replace it because he thought Amjovy and Ubrelvy was working. Now not so much and I get bad seizures when I get in massive pain. Going back in a few weeks to tell him it’s not working as well as it seemed at first. Keep us updated. I’ll do same.

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