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Does anyone take magnesium for migraine prevention? If so, does it work? How long did it take before you noticed a difference?

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Hi. You have to take it for around 3 months or so like most supplements to see if they work. Unfortunately didn't work for me. But magnesium has benefits for all sorts of ailments so it is worth trying. Been taking vit B2 for four months and that's not doing anything either.

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Started taking Nature Made Magnesium Citrate,125mg about 6 weeks ago. My sleeping time has improved. I have read that the citrate may cause bowl problems, which I hadn't experienced. One thing that did bother me about the Nature Made Magnesium pill, was the size of the pill! It' s like a horse pill. Got lodged in my throat one time, had to drink a lot of water. ..So I went looking for a smaller pill and found Magnesium Glycinate in powder form from the Vitamin Store, 400mg, around $20.00 for 45 teaspoon in 8oz glass of water. Taste like lemonade. The Glycinate is suppose to not cause bowl problems...As for my migraines, I usually have one every 7-10 days, and that is still happening, can't say for sure if it helps. Need to take it for a longer period. For me, even if it doesn't help the migraines, I will take it for better sleep... Started using Hemp oil under the tongue a few weeks ago and then discovered CBD hemp in pill form, 10mg. once a day. Trying to keep a log of how I feel at the end of the day and in the mornings.

All the doctors I have gone to do the same thing with," take this pill" or "take this pill" to see if it helps the pain. I figure I can do some of that my self.

I take magnesium, vit b12 and Q10. Its recommended to try try for at least 3months. Works for me, not completely free of migraines but a huge difference in frequency and intensity. Also try a gluten free diet

I found this combination of meds/supplements very expensive. One ‘prescription’ cost me £93 :-(

nooo, i get mine off amazon much cheaper

Magnesium didn’t work for me but since taking Migraine Stop which is Magnesium plus other things combined with CBD oil I have been so much better. Hope that helps.

There is an entire article on magnesium and what type is the best. I have taken magnesium glycinate and it really helps me Here are a few articles that could help :


I agree that it takes at least 3 months to work, but when it does your pain will get less intense, then you will get less in a week. I really recommend this.

I know you are not asking but I also take feverfew 3x a day and this has been amazing for me.

Good luck!

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